Computer Terms defined.

Capacitive touch screens

Capacitive touch screens Capacitive touch screens are usually found on tablets and smart phones. Capacitive touch screens sense your touch on the screen based on the electrical impulses in your body. (Usually the tip of your finger when you tap or swipe it across the screen) Because it senses the electrical impulses, you do not […]

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Tablet Vocabulary: ChromeCast

Tablet Vocabulary: Chromecast A Google Chromecast is actually a device that you attach to your TV and can then use your tablet to view video on the TV. The Chromecast device itself is just a little bigger than a USB thumb drive, and plugs into an HDMI port on your television. At only $35. this […]

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Computer Vocabulary: Internet

Computer Vocabulary: Internet The Internet is a global network connecting millions of computers in over 100 countries. The Internet is used to exchange data, news and opinions. The Internet is not controlled by any one country or company, but instead each computer connected to the internet is independent. You can choose which internet service to […]

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Computer Vocabulary: RAM – Random Access Memory

RAM – Random Access Memory RAM stands for random access memory. This is a type of memory on your computer that can be accessed randomly, without touching the data that comes before it. Think of an old fashioned cassette tape. To get to your favorite song, you had to either play or fast forward through […]

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Print Screen Key

.Print Screen Key The print screen key is usually located in the upper-right section of your keyboard, and might be abbreviated, PrtScr. The Print Screen key works in all versions of Windows, and even in DOS (the Microsoft operating system before Windows). In DOS, pressing the print screen key causes the computer to print a […]

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