Instagram has listened to criticism - old design will be returned, the number of recommendations in the page will decrease

Social network Instagram promises to return the old design without full-screen videos, as well as reduce the number of recommended posts by random accounts on the page within two months.

It was announced by the head of the social network Adam Mosseri.

The company decided to take such a step due to the criticism of users, who by the end of April launched an online campaign urging them to refuse some of the innovations and "stop copying TikTok". Celebrities joined the campaign, which caused more criticism on Instagram. Consumers were not happy with the platform's prioritization of video content.

"As for the new page design, people are very disappointed, and our data proves it. So we need to take a big step back and regroup and figure out what we're going to do next," Mosseri said.

The changes will be timeconsuming. The new updates in Instagram promise to listen to the wishes of the users. Mosseri, however, stated that the social network will continue to develop the video format, because the analysis showed that it is attractive to the audience.