Xiaomi released a cheap speaker with a screen

The company Xiaomi introduced the device under the name Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6, which is a smart speaker with a screen, as well as a gadget for controlling devices smart building.

Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6 is equipped with a 6-inch screen. The top part of the body is occupied by the screen, and the bottom is the speakers. On the back of the device is a button quick access, which allows you to turn off the microphone, so that the voice memo does not respond to the user.

The front 2-megapixel camera supports video calls and remote monitoring and features a physical curtain to protect the confidentiality of the wearer. On the back of the body there is an adjustable stand.

Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6 is initially equipped with the system MIUI Home, which supports the child mode and the voice Xiao Ai. As noted, Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6 allows you to control electronic devices, such as light bulbs, air conditioning, blinds and so on. Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 6 is offered at a price of about $50. Source