Top 5 smartphone brands in 2022

Older readers probably remember the time when companies involved in the production of smartphones could be counted on their fingers. Nowadays there are a lot of them, but not all of them are popular. Analysts from Canalys have identified the top four for the number of sales in the first quarter of 2022.

At the same time, the experts have noted a remarkable moment - during this time 9% fewer phones were sold than during the same period in 2019. This is due to the disruption of economic and logistical lunches due to the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the fact that manufacturers have accumulated overly large quantities of gadgets. Buyers, however, give preference to budget models.

The leader in the results of the first half of 2022 was the company Samsung, which accounted for 21% of all sold smartphones. Experts say that such success the Koreans have achieved through the Galaxy A range of products. Despite the large number of premium and low-cost models, Apple took the second place, and the third place was taken by Xiaomi - 17% and 14% respectively. Also in the top three were OPPO (10%) and Vivo (9%).

Based on the obtained data, analysts predict an increase in the number of discounts and promotions for smartphones. In this way the manufacturers are trying to increase the popularity among consumers.