Samsung may create a 450-megapixel camera for smartphones

Recently Samsung has presented two 200-megapixel ISOCELL sensors, none of which has been used in Galaxy smartphones. However, the company is already working on another sensor, and, looking at everything, it could have a resolution of 450 megapixels.

Samsung recently applied for registration of the trademark "Hexa2pixel" in Korea and Europe. Even though 450 megapixels are not mentioned in the application, there is a reason to believe that it could be about them.

The problem is that the existing ISOCELL HP1 sensor has 200 MP capacity, but it can switch to 50 MP with interconnection of Tetra2pixel pixels. It is likely that Hexa2pixel is a new binging technology which works similarly to Tetra2pixel, except that it combines more pixels into one.

In any case, this does not mean that Samsung will introduce a 450MP sensor any time soon.