How to wipe the phone screen without damaging its surface

The screens of laptops and smartphones are a real magnet for the saw and brute. If cleaning the monitor is not at all difficult, even if there are no special servers, then cleaning the fingerprints from the phone display, so it does not hurt - another problem. theLime share simple tips that will return the device privatized look and save its coating.

You may have been guilty of wiping the phone screen with clothes. And most likely you did not do it with a seam, but with a rough cloth, such as the sleeve of a jacket or rubbed on the pants of jeans. You can not do so categorically, because on the cover will be microtrickles, which over time will be remembered. In addition, this method will not be able to adequately remove fingerprints.

One more method, which you must not forget on your list - alcohol. Thus, it is the best way to clean the beaches and disinfect the surface, but only for visual effect. You can not clean the screen of your smartphone with alcohol, because the solution ruins the coating of the display, making it more sensitive to damage. This rule applies not only to pure alcohol, but also to antiseptics and hair dryers that contain alcohol.
What is the best way to wipe the phone screen?

1. Servets with special drenching and sprays for electronics. They easily clean up any dirt without leaving traces or smudges. When using the spray it should be applied not to the screen itself, but to a lint-free brush with which you can then wipe the device. Do not use absorbent cotton or cotton disks to clean your smartphone as they will leave debris.

2. Distilled water. Soak a washcloth in a detergent cleaned of mineral salts and wipe the hardened screen of the gadget. After cleaning, the display will become clean without germs.

3. Vushnye palychnykh. An earmold will help you to remove blockages in hard-to-reach places. Soak your hands in the same distilled water and go over the edges of the screen and the home button to remove the sludge and other debris.

4. Servettes of microfiber, which often come in a set with eyepieces or other electronics. These mini-guards are good for smoothing the hair and for greasing the surface, without shaking the screen.