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Hi, My Name is Elizabeth Boston

AKA The Computer Lady. I want to welcome you to my little place on the web. Come on in and look around for a while. If you have time, brew yourself a cup of tea (my favorite drink) and browse my computer questions and answers.

How can I help you?

For more than 15 years, I have been working with people and their computers. I am passionate about helping people, and I love technology. I have been able to combine those two things into a business that allows me to help both businesses and individuals with their computer needs.

Computer Questions...

We all have questions about our computers, and chances are that your question has already been asked by others. Wouldn't it be great to have a place to meet and share our experiences?

That's exactly what you can do here in the computer questions section of my site. You will find over 800 questions that have been asked and answered. Each computer question and answer is followed by a comments section where you can join the discussion.

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Computer Answers...

There is nothing more frustrating than having computer questions without any computer answers. That's what this web site is all about, taking common computer questions, and sharing the answers with everyone who needs them.

Computer Solutions…

Let me put my years of experience to work for you, and help you find the best solution for your needs! I am here to help your small business with everything from deciding what computer to buy, to what software to use, and even how to do a mail merge! I would love to sit down with you and discuss your needs. In this age of blogging and social networking, how do you spread the word about your business online? From web sites, to blogging, and social marketing, my experience can help you set up an online marketing plan, and avoid costly mistakes. Visit my business services page to learn more about the different ways that I can help you.

Made Simple!

Finding answers to your questions won't do you any good if you can't understand them! That's why I use simple, easy to understand explanations when speaking with my customers and writing for my readers. I will not overwhelm you with "geek" language, and I am happy to take the time to explain anything that you might be wondering about.

Come Back Soon...

I know you will want to come back to check out my tips and tutorials, so be sure to bookmark this site for future reference!

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What are people saying about my newsletter?

Just wanted to let you know that I am a teacher who is going for my Master's in Educational Technology and every issue I find some little hint (and sometimes some big hint!) that I can pass along to students and staff members alike.
Thanks for the photo of yourself. You have a happy face and a twinkle in your eye - I like that in a computer guru! Keep up the good work. You seem to cover something for everyone from the novice to the more experienced. Thanks for your hard work.
I look forward to reading your newsletters. You've answerd many questions I didn't know I had. Thank you so much for all your tips and teachings.